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Bible Prophecy Fulfilled-07.31.2010-Early

by Michael J Loomis on July 31, 2010

Bible Prophecy Fulfilled with Gary Parrish and Terry Kashian.


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MoGrace2u August 1, 2010 at 11:00 am

I know this wasn’t your intent, but you are making a good case for the futurist idea of why the end of the world may be in view in Rev 20. This Christianized Judaism/ Babylon model not only began in the early days of the Church but has morphed into the widespread dispensational paradigm we see today. If this isn’t akin to Satanic delusion spreading rapidly since the Gog/Magog/Israelites have overrun the land again – I don’t know what is.

But since I have become Preterist in my understanding, I no longer look upon types and what antitypically continues to fulfill them in such literal terms. And I can see that every reform that has come into the Church began as a confrontation to this Babylon model which also continues to try and destroy the camp of the saints.

If Preterism serves no other purpose (which btw I don’t see the CC view having any aid to give for our understanding), it is to reveal this Babylonian type for what it is and destroy it with the truth of what Christ has accomplished so His Church reflects His glory in the earth which they ought to declare. A church weak in faith because of its unbelief is clearly not the antitype for the gospel we have to share!

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