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2010 Covenant Creation Conference-Lecture 07-Tami Jelinek

by Michael J Loomis on August 16, 2010

August 14, 2010 – 3:00 PM: Tami Jelinek – The Language of Creation from Genesis to Revelation

The Language of Creation from Genesis to Revelation


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MoGrace2u August 17, 2010 at 6:35 pm

Tami gives a good presentation. But the ‘no more sea’ of Rev 21:1 ought not to mean we must take the leap for it to mean Gentiles as it may elsewhere, because the sea is mentioned 26 times in Revelation alone. And in the last time it was mentioned before this passage in Rev 20:13, we are told that the sea will give up the dead that are in it. That would suggest that rather than it being a reference to Gentiles, it is more likely a reference to a place of death. And being that the sea is emptied of its dead just before death and Hades are tossed in the lake, then it also serves as a type for the grave.

The temple language also uses this term and ought to be considered. And Moses parted the Red Sea so that the children of Israel could pass thru it on DRY LAND while the Egyptians were drowned in the same. So before we make the jump to Gentiles for this symbol, we ought to investigate what other metaphors have used this as a type too.

The language here is obviously a referent back to Genesis, but what our understanding of that ought to be, needs a more specific quote than just the few places where it did mean ‘nations’.

Back to the tape…

Dave Brown June 8, 2012 at 5:28 am

Outstanding reasoning. As a new convert to the Preterist view this presentation fully puts to bed the physical destruction theory of Futurists.

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